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The Sikh Society is open to all, regardless of their race, religion or belief; everyone from all backgrounds are always welcome!

The word 'Sikh' means student, and we are all here to learn about Sikhism in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Sikh values, including equality, honest work and sewa (selfless service), help to guide the Society in achieving our goals. 

We have weekly sessions where we meet to talk about a variety of topics; ranging from religious to professional/careers talks, with external speakers who are experts on their subject. Additionally, we have our amazing socials throughout the year which will allow you to meet and connect with like minded individuals!

On top of all this, we have loads of great events throughout the year, so come along and get involved! For example, our annual Langar on campus is always a great success, as well as our Kirtan Darbar. 

Please like and follow our social media for full details of the fantastic events throughout the year.

We look forward to meeting you all!

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