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Our Objective!

We are a new society, and the only interdisciplinary Science Magazine at UCL. We are an online based magazine that produces media in the form of short written articles and video interviews with researchers, created by you, UCL Students. We will also have academic talks and social events throughout the year.

How to get involved?  

To have access to these events at a discounted price, join us as a member. If you wish to write for us, visit our website, click on the submission button and write a proposal. Alternatively, if you have already written the article, then you may upload the article to our website. We have a detailed document on the website on the submission page "How to write for UCL Science Magazine",  which is a useful guide in writing for us. All articles must be based on current research or a research paper published in the last year.

Stay Up to Date

Instagram will keep you posted on our activity. The groupchat is a good place to get to know our community and find interesting topics to write about. Visit our website to read our published articles and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with articles, videos, and events.