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UCL Romanian and Moldovan Society is designed to all students interested in the Romanian and Moldovan culture, who want to expand their knowledge about the traditions, history, language, international relations or internal affairs in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The Society is also meant to be a meeting point for all the UCL Romanian and Moldovan students, where they can share their experience of living and learning in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Last but not least, UCL RoSoc welcomes all those UCL students who are keen to learn about Romania and Moldova from the most reliable sources they can find- their Romanian and Moldovan fellow students.

Our society's principles are fairness, cooperation, multiculturalism and respect for both Romanian and Moldovan traditions and culture as well as for all those other cultures we'll come in contact with. 

In recognition of its important past efforts to build a strong community of Romanian and Moldovan Students around it, UCL Romanian and Moldovan Society has been awarded the Ambassador's Diploma for Student Organizations by the Embassy of Romania in London, on the occasion of the 10th Annual Conference of Romanian Students, Professors and Researchers in UK. This award is the recognition of our members' hard work to promote Romania's image within UCL.