Welcome to RoboSoc! Here we love, appreciate and learn everything there is to robotics - with career events, interactive, hands-on tutorials where people of any level of expertise can learn something new, and fun socials where everyone bonds over their common interest and more!

Robotics is a growing area in the world of engineering and science, with rapidly developing technology that will greatly impact the future. Our aim as a society is to bring students of all backgrounds with a passion for robotics to come and learn about and engage in robotics-related activities and socialise and discuss with others with likeminded interests 
We aim to teach you about the skills related to robotics (without the need for any prior knowledge), such as programming, CAD, practical design skills, to help you further their interest in robotics, facilitate your own robotics personal projects, and give them the skills to compete in robotics competitions. 

We also aim to connect members with robotic related companies and researchers for future employment in a variety of industries such as urban agriculture, manufacturing, automotive engineering, biomedical engineering, etc.

We will also be organising a series of weekly online and in-person tutorials and workshops over the course of about 10 weeks, covering the basics of CAD (using Fusion 360), electronics, machine learning, 3D printing and programming. Uniquely, we would also teach members about the growing and emerging field of soft robotics, how they work and how they apply to biomedical and rescue and relief industries. These will equip students with the skills to further pursue and develop their personal projects and participate in competitions, as well as helping students consider a career related to robotics.