The Psychology and Education Society welcomes all UCL students who are passionate about deepening their knowledge of psychology and education or are just looking for a relaxed society with many chill social events and activities! We hope to bring the department of Psychology and Human Development closer, encourage students to share their interests and talk about their experiences at UCL, the IOE and beyond!

This year, we aim to provide our members with activities that will holistically improve your experience at UCL both academically and mentally! In order to promote wellness and balance in student lifestyles, activities of various kinds are planned to be held throughout the year!

Academic and Networking Opportunities

Our society offers numerous events that enrich your academics and future career opportunities such as:

  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals and alumni
  • Research and book clubs
  • Conferences with external speakers
  • TED Debates

Relaxed Social Events

Additionally, we are proud to offer activities that aid the wellness and mental health of our members in relaxed social settings such as:

  • Coffee socials
  • Collaboration events with other hobby related societies
  • Wellbeing events with physical activities
  • Tours of sights around London such as the nearby museums

Our various social media platforms includes a variety of content like insight from faculty and alumni about preparing for a career in these disciplines, to interviews with Psychology with Education students, updates about recent departmental research, volunteering opportunities and much more! This society highly encourages the role of members in creating content and collaborating in events, so if you ever want a place to showcase your ideas, we are the society for you! 


Psychology with Education BSc Speed-Mentoring Event
Coffee Social with UCL's BPS Student Ambassador
Coffee Social with Origami: Valentine's Edition