Welcome to the UCL Pokémon Society! 

Regardless of whether you've been a fan since a young age or casually play Pokemon Go or even if you know absolutely nothing about Pokemon, we are a friendly and cheerful community with a bunch of activities planned for everyone! We hope you enjoy your time with us!

Common Activities

  • Socials - Meet new people with similar interests! Play, battle and trade Pokemon! 
  • Movie/Anime Nights - Held both online and in-person, there will be a variety of screenings throughout the year! 
  • Quiz Nights - How much do you really know about Pokemon? This is your chance to show off your Pokemon knowledge!
  • Pokémon Go Walks - Walk around London with us and catch 'em all! 
  • Pokémon Battle Tournaments - Learn the basics of competitive Pokémon battles and compete against other trainers for prizes!
  • Inter-Uni collabs: We've partnered up with the Inter-Uni Pokémon Society (I-UPS) that consists of more than 20 uni Pokésocs nationwide to bring you huge events such as a massive Pixelmon server, and Inter-Uni draft league! 
  • ... And many more!

Events will be held both online and in-person, depending on the nature of the event!

  • Remote memberships allow you to take part in our online events only (Free)
  • Standard memberships grant you access to both in-person and online events (£3)

Join our Discord server where we host frequent online events! It is the place for all our members to hang out and talk about Pokémon whenever suits them! 

Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest announcements and updates!

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