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The Philosophy Society is a departmental society which offers a community for everyone at UCL that has an interest in philosophy. Whether you’re a philosophy student looking for challenging materials beyond the syllabus, or a complete beginner looking to explore philosophy for the first time, we have events for you!

Socials: Throughout the year, we hold socials suited to a variety of tastes! From Netflix & Phil (philosophical movie nights and discussions) to pub quizzes to Philosophy in the Park, there's something for everyone!

Academic events: These will take the form of debates, academic talks, reading groups and workshops. For those interested in their philosophical edification, they are a great opportunity to broaden their philosophical insights. We will aim to focus on areas of philosophies that are often overlooked by the syllabus so that everyone is able to learn something new!

Year One Logic Review: For philosophy students or joint honours students taking a logic class, we offer biweekly review sessions during terms one and two. Come to practice logic in a relaxed environment, get your worksheets checked, and hear summaries of your lecture material.

Annual POLIS event: We also host the annual POLIS (Philosophers of London in Solidarity) conference in collaboration with an alliance of philosophy societies of London, including Birkbeck, SOAS, KCL, LSE, Royal Holloway, and NCH. In this conference, student of different research interests will gather and present their findings. This is a great opportunity to present research to a wider audience and network and engage with philosophers from other universities. Check out the POLIS website here.

The Bentham Digest: We run UCL’s philosophy magazine, the Bentham Digest, which gives students an opportunity to publish their own philosophy works. Our theme for term 1 is Artificial Intelligence. Submissions will open during week 1 and close shortly after reading week. You can find the previous issues here, and you can also keep up with the Bentham Digest on Instagram or Facebook.

Stay connected with us through our socials on the right, or join our WhatsApp Group (DM our Instagram account or come to an event to receive the join link).