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Getting Your Weekly Dose of Zen With The Mindful Society 

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What is Mindful Society?

No doubt you’ve probably heard of mindfulness advertised as a cure for all the stresses of modern life, backed by numerous studies and expert recommendations, but learning mindfulness meditation or starting to meditate regularly can be an overwhelming task when you go at it alone.

So that’s why we’re here. We’re a friendly bunch of students who happen to feel passionate about learning and teaching mindfulness as a skill for life. We meditate, chat and have fun together in a non-intimidating, down-to-earth way. 

We're keen to build an inclusive community that recognises different forms of meditation around the world. Whether that be in a secular Western context, or learning and practicing different forms of spirituality, mindfulness and meditation from across the globe - we have your weekly dose of Zen fixed for you! We welcome people of all faiths, nationalities and backgrounds, whether you are a complete novice, or a seasoned meditator, Mindful Society is the place for you!

How can I come along to Mindful Society?

We'll be running a host of events, weekly meditations, talks, walks and mindful socials/activities over the course of your time at UCL. If you want to get involved don't hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page or via Email! 

Regular Events

  • Weekly Mindful Session: Wednesday, 6:00- 7:00pm (Meditation Room - Basement 2 - Student Centre) These usually take the form of a 20 minute guided group meditation followed by an informal chat and discussion. 

Dates TBC

  • Additional events will include: Mindful Walking; Mindful Talks; Visiting Professional Meditation teachers; Mindful Courses; Mindful Mediums (Gong Baths, Breath Work, Sound Meditations etc)
  • We are working on a Mindful Retreat in Term 2!

Why Not Try It?!

For those of you new to the whole meditation thing: If you feel a bit funny about the idea of sitting still for 20 minutes in a room of strangers, you are not alone. Many of us felt like that at the beginning, but if you come and try, you might find that it’s not nearly as weird or awkward as you’re expecting, and might actually leave you feeling relaxed.

For those of you more seasoned meditators, come along and foster a community of likeminded mindful students!

...See You Soon!