Medical Technologies are revolutionising medicine, already shaping a new world – will YOU be at the heart of it?

As the largest MedTech Society in Europe, we use our wide range of resources to provide you with a reliable source of information on the world of MedTech. We investigate the novel technologies used to solve problems in healthcare covering Biomedicine, Technology, Enterprise and everything in between. Through equipping you with fundamental knowledge and providing you with a wide range of networking and job opportunities, for complete beginners and specialists in the field alike, we strive to help you grow to find your own place in this exciting and rapidly expanding industry, to excel and be part of the MedTech revolution.

We cover a wide range of MedTech topics to explore any interest: 

Regenerative Medicine, Gene Therapy, AI and Machine Learning, Corporate MedTech, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Developing your own start-up, NHS & MedTech, Neuroscience, Application Development

How do we do it?

  • Cutting-edge talks:  Hear from researchers at the top of their field, CEOs, strategy consultants and others changing the world of MedTech 
  • Networking: Enjoy our links with experts at Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, Babylon Health, IBM and others. We use these links to help you build your own network with MedTech companies, by giving you access to the knowledge, contacts and latest job opportunities you need to kickstart your career in MedTech  
  • MedTech Portal: Use our new online platform to keep up to date with the latest MedTech news or start your learning from the ground up using our articles, videos and talks. As a MedTech member, you will also have the opportunity to start internships with our partner start-up companies!
  • Conferences: Network with NHS executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, software engineers and others as we introduce you to pioneers and world experts from industry and academia to discuss how they are revolutionising medicine at our AI in Medicine Conference, the largest conference at UCL.
  • Coding workshops: For complete beginners or Machine Learning experts, we run regular project-based programming workshops in conjunction with organisations like IBM - so you have the skills to develop apps, develop AI tools and much, much more.
  • Hackathons: Join in with over 100 other students, graduates and work professionals to create an idea that will change the future of Medicine.

Our Flagship Events:

  • Women in MedTech conference: Introducing our inaugural Women in MedTech conference! Join us for a full day of exploring female leadership and the latest medical innovations!
  • Mentorship Program: A exciting 1-month-long program aimed to provide advice, guidance, and training to students interested in pursuing a career in the MedTech industry.
  • AI in Medicine conference: A 2-day conference that will consist of talks and discussions on the greater implications of AI on various parts of healthcare. 


Women in MedTech Conference
AI in Medicine Conference