Are you interested in joining a worldwide movement that is empowering the poor in their fight for equal access to healthcare, education and a safe home?

If so, MEDLIFE UCL is the society for you!

MEDLIFE stands for '‘Medicine, Education and Development for Low-Income Families Everywhere.’ MEDLIFE is a global charity partnering with communities in need in Latin America and Africa. MEDLIFE runs Mobile Medical Clinics and Development Projects staffed by locals and assisted by essential student volunteers. MEDLIFE has multiple chapters promoting the same cause around the world, and UCL is proud to be one of their chapters. 

We are looking for passionate individuals who are interested in joining us. MEDLIFE UCL will organise a Service Learning Trip to Latin America or Africa annually, where we travel to help communities in need to the best of our capacities. The trip for the 2021-2022 academic year will be to Lima, Peru in June 2022.  There will also be opportunities to fundraise for the a spot in the service learning trip. All money raised goes directly to the local practitioners whom you will get a chance to meet.

You can be from any year and any discipline to take part - there is no need to be from a medical background. The society will also be running various speaker events and local volunteering opportunities for members to understand the importance of sustainability when it comes to volunteering. Without a doubt, there will be exciting socials and collaborations with other MEDLIFE societies in other London universities such as King's!

In June 2019, we took a group of UCL students to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania where we took part in a Mobile Medical Clinic and a Development Project. Over the course of the week, 702 patients were seen who had no other access to affordable healthcare. 25 of these were placed into MEDLIFE’s follow-up care programme so that they will continue to get the care they need. We also helped to build a school library which we hope will inspire the children in their learning.

We hope that you will join us in the fight for a world free from the constraints of poverty!