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The UCL Magic Society is UCL's home to all magic enthusiasts and magicians. From complete beginners to veteran magicians everyone is welcome! Magic is an opportunity to impress and entertain those around you, or even win a few drinks at a bar. 

We meet weekly to teach basic magic to beginners covering a wide variety from card to coin, prop, and stage magic, with even some mentalism mixed in. For those more experienced, the sessions are a place to practice, teach and share, or just hang out.

As well as our regular sessions, we plan to attend magic conventions and other events. All members are given discounts to our shows and magic-related outings. For those specifically interested in performing while at uni, we can provide you with some great opportunities.

So come be a spectator and practitioner of one of the world’s oldest and most enchanting art forms! We invite everyone from absolute beginners to savvy professionals to join us and polish their talents.


Join our discord to keep in touch with us and ask us any questions! Follow us on Instagram / Facebook for updates about the UCL Magic Society. 




Email: [email protected]


UCL Magic Society have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.