The Live Music Society is the place to enjoy music, perform, or help bring about unforgettable music-based events at UCL. As the UCL Arts Society of the Year 2019-20, we are a vibrant and diverse community, providing a great platform for anyone who wants to get involved in music, either as a performer, technician or listener. 

Our goal is simple: to offer you a platform to enjoy, listen, perform and tech music during your time at UCL. There is something for every skill level and every musical taste in our large number of events. These events include Gigs at our home turf in Mully’s which are perfect for performing among friends. We also have more intimate, relaxed sets at our Open Mic Nights. If you are interested in the music tech side of things, feel free to speak to one of our Technical Officers at one of these events. They are very friendly and would be happy to show you what teching for Live Music is like. We host Jams, where you can meet like minded musicians and create music in a spontaneous setting. Every year we proudly form our very own Live Music Society House Band. The House Band is easy to audition for, with a rotating roster, and adorns many a UCL event. Rhapsody is our award-winning annual headline show at London's Bloomsbury Theatre, featuring over 100 performers in 20 songs with a hedonistic display of lights, smoke and quality music. Extravabandza is our flagship freshers' event, and is the perfect opportunity to meet other musicians, form bands and take your talent to the next level through competition. We also host dedicated events for underrepresented and marginalised groups, such as but not limited to our This Girl Can and International Open Mic Nights. Alongside all of these live events, we are privileged enough to see the very best of UCL's musical talent in The Bloomsbury Sessions: our annual album, comprised entirely of our members' original music - irrespective of genre or style.

We pride ourselves on the community we build, particularly for such a large society, and we firmly believe that participating in and enjoying music requires community as much as performances. The society is a great way of bringing people together and next year we will ensure that this continues. Make sure to keep an eye out for all our socials, which will include album listening parties, society meals, quizzes, nights out and many more! Our lovely committee will be present at all our activities. They are a great source of knowledge about gigging around London, university and society mechanics, and musical information in general – and are eager to help you out. Should you be interested in forming a band, we also moderate the UCL Musician’s Noticeboard, a fantastic way to get in touch with new bandmates and musicians.

All of our members vary considerably in their musical background, and even if you already consider yourself a virtuoso, or are just starting out in music, you are very welcome to come to one of our usual haunts to play a few songs with us, have a go at mixing a band, or to simply have a listen and enjoy the night.

If all you are looking for is a space to rehearse, we are fortunate enough to have the Soundproof Room (SPR), located in the basement of the Lewis Building next to Mully's, and it is bookable by our members. The room is equipped with a PA, mics, drum kit, guitar and bass amplifiers, piano and keyboard – and is the perfect space to practice on campus. Once you have purchased standard membership, you can access the portal found on our website, and here

While all of our gigs and events are free to attend, after Freshers' Fortnight only those who have purchased standard membership may perform and tech. For more specific information on booking the SPR, Rhapsody, and all of our shows and events, please visit our website. To keep up with what we currently have on, please visit our social media pages, especially our Instagram @ucllivemusic and our Facebook Page. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a DM and we would be happy to answer.

We look forward to welcoming you to our society!