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Are you a life sciences student? Do you have an interest for life sciences? 

If you answer yes to one of the above then definitely come and join the LSS, the campus's biggest, largest science society! We are comprised of a diverse group of students, each year students from business, law, medical eg.. join us! And for a good reason, as we provide fun socials as well as interesting academic events! 

Not only can you have fun and mingle with us, but you can grow and find a career path that interests you, or simply learn something new! 

This year we aim to have networking events, as well as bringing compagnies to talk about what they do, so that students just like you can learn about it and see if it suits them! 

We also will have fun nights out (Loop, sciences night out..) as well as the above mentioned academic events.

Don't be the one student who regrets not joining: especially for just 5 pounds!!!