This society wants to explore the history and future of candles, which aren’t only a daily commodity that has been used since 200BC⏳, but also a continuously evolving form of art 🎨and a topic of scientific discussion🧪. To do this, there will be themed candle workshops, once per month, where all members can make a personalised candle🕯 that symbolises their time at UCL🏛and make friends from all around the world🌍🧡.

For regular updates of our society's events, please follow our social medias (send us a dm to join our Whatsapp group) and/or purchase the remote/standard membership. Our taster workshop will be on Saturday 28th October and will be Halloween themed. Feel free to come along to watch spooky movies and enjoy snacks, even if you dont have a ticket- it's also our first social event, so the more the merrier :)

Workshops so far:

October- Halloween Assorted Melts

November- Christmas Assorted Melts

Jan-  Beat the Blues Jar Candle 

Jan- Chinese New Year Jar Candle

Feb- Valentine's Day Jar candle 

March- Marmalade Jar candle