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UCL Labour Society is the home of all things Labour, promoting the cause of democratic socialism and left wing thought at UCL . We host a wide variety of events across the year to ensure there is something for everyone, and give our members the chance to meet likeminded people, get involved with campus activism, hear from high profile speakers and panel discussions, help campaign for Labour locally and as part of London labour Students, and generally have a great time! 

We are affiliated to Labour Students nationally which allows us representation at conferences and national events, of which members are able to represent the club. Our club also plays a leading role in the regional London Labour Students, of which there are 15+ clubs which organise together towards our common aims. Regionally, our members are also involved with London Young Labour and often host events at UCL; and we are also affiliated to the Co-operative Party Youth, the youth wing of Labour's sister party. 

Labour is a broad church party, and our society epitomises that. We welcome anyone who's interested in Labour politics and wishes to join us - whether you're a democratic socialist, a social democrat, or have no idea! There's a place for you at UCL Labour. 

If you’re a student at UCL and want to help bring about a better tomorrow, there is no better place than UCL Labour. 

UCL Labour Society have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.