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KCSOC National is organising its flagship day retreat - CTRL ALT RETREAT this March 2022! Located in the beautiful countryside estate of the Beatle George Harrison, hundreds of students from around the country are going to "disconnect to connect", taking a break from the usual routine to experience ancient spiritual practices, knowledge and wisdom and learn how to apply them to their everyday lives. More information here!


Would you say you're a deep thinker?

Want to look at the world from different perspectives? Intrigued as to how applied spirituality can help you achieve your goals? The Krishna Consciousness Society offers a platform to evolve the mind, give direction in life and reveal a deeper level of insight by connecting with like-minded people.

Through a dynamic philosophy of self-realisation you can acquire skills like meditation and cutting edge lifestyle tools for the modern day. This society is a sacred space for attaining wisdom to lead successful and, more importantly, happy lifestyle.

Join us for weekly "Think Out Loud" sessions as well as getaways at amazing spiritual retreat destinations around the UK, Europe and the world. A chance for you to unwind and relax. This society is about you. Where spirituality becomes practical and life's biggest questions are answered.

The Krishna Consciousness Society: your on-campus spiritual experience.