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UCL K-POP Society is an inclusive community for people who share interest in the K-POP industry which includes dances, Korean variety shows, K-dramas, K-movies etc.

We offer two types of membership: Taster membership (Free) and Standard membership (£12.00)

Our Standard membership covers:

  • Social Events
    • Running Man: Based on the popular Korean Variety Show, features many mini-games and a final manhunt to find the winning team.
    • Chimaek & K-Movie/K-drama Night: Eat Korean Fried Chicken together while watching Korean shows. Good food & good company - what’s there not to love?
    • Karaoke Night: Jam out to your favourite songs at Mullys with discounted drinks!
    • Themed K-pop Night: A night filled with activities based on an Idol group of YOUR choice!
  • Weekly Kpop Dance Classes
    • We will be teaching girl and boy group dances twice a week
    • Will teach the current trendy songs featuring! ALL beginners and intermediate dancers are welcome!
  • YouTube Dance Covers
    • Yes, we have a YouTube Channel! Sign up to be a part of our amazing covers! We will be having several in-person covers each term.
  • Term 1 Showcase, Term 2 Inter-Uni Kpop Showcase, and Blooms!
    • We will be holding a sign-up-based, UCL-only Term 1 showcase for all levels of dancers & singers!
    • UCL will be collaborating with KCL and Queen Mary in Term 2, hosting a huge showcase with spectacular performances!
    • We will be performing at the glorious Bloomsbury Theatre in term 2 (this showcase will be audition-based and UCL exclusive)
    • These showcases are for anyone interested in dancing and singing!
  • Term 1 and Term 2 Competitions (Nationals, London)
    • Nationals includes girl group dance team, boy group dance team, and vocal team competing with more than 15 unis across the UK. We audition people and select people to dance and sing competitively.
    • We will participate in at least two competitions this academic year. Perfect opportunity for those who love to be on stage with some competitive pressure :)

Bi-Weekly Kpop Emails and Updates!

We make sure that you are up to date by sending you emails every two weeks about our social events coming up, any exciting activities happening and what's the tea in the Kpop industry! Please check our emails, Instagram and Youtube regularly so you don't miss any events!


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