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UCL K-POP Society is an inclusive community for people who share interest in the K-POP industry which includes Korean variety shows, dance, K-dramas, etc.

  • Weekly Kpop Dance Classes
    • Every Wednesday and Thursday 7-9pm. Normally, the first hour (7-8pm) is girl group dance, and the second hour (8-9pm) is boy group dance. You will need membership to attend these classes. We hold WEEKLY Kpop dance classes with boy group AND girl group songs, such as BTS, TWICE, Blackpink, Seventeen, EXO and more! ALL beginners and intermediate dancers are welcome! 
  • Random Play Dance 
    • This is an event where we play music out loud in the open at Bloomsbury Farmers' Market; anyone who knows the dance to the song can come up and dance with us! It is a very chill event and you can bring lunch with you to come and support!
  • HUGE FRESHERS Running Man Event 
    • A very popular event inspired by the actual variety show called the Running Man!
  • Chimaek and Games Night
    • Eating Korean Fried Chicken and playing games all at once. What's there not to love?
  • K-Movie Night
    • Watching Korean movies together in a dark lit room, with snacks and friends around you!
  • YouTube Dance Covers
    • Yes, we have a YouTube Channel! People are selected for our covers from our dance class if they are interested. 
  • Kpop University Nationals Competitions
    • Includes girl group dance team, boy group dance team, and vocal team competing with more than 15 unis across the UK. We audition people from our dance classes and select people to dance and sing competitively.
  • Inter-Uni Kpop Showcase
    • UCL hosting a huge showcase with performances from KCL and QueenMary. This is for whoever is interested in dancing and singing! 
  • Bi-Weekly Kpop Emails and Updates!
    • We make sure that you are up to date by sending you emails every two weeks about our social events coming up, what's happening in London and what's the tea in the Kpop industry! Please check our Facebook Page and Facebook Group regularly so you don't miss any events!

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Date established: 
October 2018