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Benvenuti a tutti da parte di UCL Italian Society!

People are always talking about Italy: breathtaking sightseeings; marvellous landscapes; delicious cuisine; romantic cities; beautiful women and handsome men... Doesn't it all sound too stereotyped?

We're here to break those stereotypes! We'll guide you through the undiscovered sides of Italy: from lectures on a selection of cultural topics, to pizza&movie nights to enjoy with your fellow colleagues. You can join our language classes if you want to improve your language skills or want to learn Italian from scratch...

What's more, if you're not Italian, that's even better! Our goal is to let people discover our culture, habits, lifestyle. All of this, in the vibrant UCL's atmosphere!

Come along to one of our aperitivo's, pub quizzes or classes to discover more, and don't forget about our motto: Pizza will always be abundant!

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A prestissimo!