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Welcome to Intellectual Property Society! Together, we protect your most valued brainchild(ren).

Do you know that copyright subsists upon creation? Whether you are a budding enetrepreneur, avid writer, part-time creator, disrupting scientist, innovative engineer or street photographer, there is a place for you in IP Soc, and your brain reserved it without you even knowing.

Here is a taste of what we have coming to entice your mind:

  • UCL Journal of Intellectual Property where we cover legal, economic, business and scientific analysis and you are the most significant contributor
  • Career events with Institute of Brand and Innovation Law and law firms in the city, where most IP lawyers hail from non-law backgrounds
  • Socials and creative endeavours, where we get our hands dirty creating intellectual property we are capable of protecting
  • Panel discussions
  • Knowledge-sharing online covering fundamental knowledge in IP law protection

...and many more!

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