The Giving Voice society holds events to raise awareness of Speech and Language Therapy and the difference that it can make to individuals with communication or swallowing difficulties and their families. We also organise social events for society members, often with a Speech and Language twist! Join Giving Voice today to learn about all the speech, language and communication needs that people live with and how therapy can help them to develop or regain their communication skills. Speech and Language Therapy transforms lives!

UCL Giving Voice is for anyone who has an interest in speech, language, communication, swallowing or Speech and Language Therapy as a profession. We are always looking to collaborate with other societies and in the past have ran successful events with the Sign Language Society and the Linguistics Society! 

We also have a UCL Giving Voice Podcast that we have lots of plans for this year so stay tuned and get involved! We are planning this year to be a mix of online and face-to-face events. 

Check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for further details!

Link here to get a ticket for our next event: Giving Voice Pub Quiz on 19th October!