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The Giving Voice society holds events to raise awareness of Speech and Language Therapy and the difference that it can make to individuals with communication or swallowing difficulties and their families. Click here to find out more about our society.

Aim of UCL Giving Voice 2023 - 2024:

  • To raise awareness of SLT as a profession and how to become one 
  • To promote connections between society members and the wider SLT and service user community
  • To raise the voices of different groups SLTs work with

UCL Giving Voice is for anyone interested in speech, language, communication, swallowing or Speech and Language Therapy as a profession. We will have events like Pub Quizzes, Tea and Chats, Talks from professionals in different specialties and many more, with a mix of both in-person and online events! We are also open to collaborating with other societies and promoting relevant events. 

We have a UCL Giving Voice Podcast with exciting content and topics, check out the previous episodes e.g.  International SLTs working aboard, Student SLT Perspectives and stay tune to new ones!

Check out our TwitterInstagram and Facebook, accounts for further details!