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Interested in Georgian culture, language, or history? Are you Georgian, or maybe you have friends and family there? Have you ever thought of travelling to Georgia? Or maybe you’re a fan of Georgian food? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, we invite you to join the Georgian Society!

The Georgian Society is a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to celebrating the rich culture of Sakartvelo (Georgia).

We organise:

- Social events;

- Academic discussions;

- Film screenings;

- Georgian dance workshops;

- Food and wine tastings;

  and so much more!


In order to:

- Provide networking opportunities for Georgian students;

- Educate UCL students on the Georgian language, traditions, geography, history and even current affairs;

- Promote the Georgian culture, including art, cinema, culinary and wine-making traditions;

- Create a welcoming environment for both Georgia enthusiasts and Georgians away from home.


P.S. We will keep promoting Georgia until no Georgian student gets asked if they're from the US state :)