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We are a student run pro bono creative agency here at UCL. Charities often need help with their advertising, marketing and visual image. We help charities to get their message across in new, imaginative ways by offering free creative services - graphics, web design, video design etc.

Free Hype offers invaluable experience to break into a tough industry, helps build your career, offers networking opportunities, and is almost too much fun. 

What we do:

  • We receive briefs from charities and work in teams to execute them as creatively as possible. We think, plan, write, draw, film and design.
  • Throughout term we run workshops to learn skills needed in the creative industry e.g. Photoshop, editing and web design. 
  • Host talks from industry professionals and charities. 
  • Offer opportunities to socialise in a friendly and inclusive environment 
  • Last but not least, we visit the top creative agencies of the world and learn from the best.

Join us to create, learn new skills, understand the industry, and most importantly, do good!

Date established: 
September 2013