With the face of the Financial Services Sector changing as we know it, FinTech is more relevant than ever in today’s business world. Particularly in light of emerging technologies, FinTech is disrupting and thus changing the finance industry entirely.

Whether you’re interested in gaining a quick understanding of the developments within the industry, are wildly passionate about the innovative technology impacting finance, or you yourself want to pursue a career in FinTech, UCL FinTech Society, the largest FinTech Society in Europe, is the best place to start. 

Our society is not just limited to FinTech, but rather a spectrum from Finance to Technology and everything in between, from Blockchain and Algo Trading to Open Banking and Social Enterprises. This large coverage also means we have members from a broad range of degrees; anyone interested is welcome! We provide the platform for students to learn about exciting developments, innovative apps and lucrative careers in FinTech.

Given that London is the FinTech capital of the world and UCL is London’s premier university, our society provides a bridge between the industry and the talented students of UCL. Becoming a member and attending events will not only deepen your understanding of the current industry, but also make you valuable to firms in finance and technology as well as provide you with plenty networking and internship opportunities.

We expect a great year filled with quality events for our members, old and new. This includes panels and talks from experienced professionals from within the industry, interactive workshops, mentorship programmes and more. Join now and become part of one of UCL’s most exciting societies!

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