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The European and International Social and Political Studies (EISPS) Society was established in the spring of 2022 to seize the opportunities provided by the easing of the pandemic to forge meaningful inter-disciplinary and inter-community connections at UCL. With members of the EISPS Department studying 10 languages and specializing in 7 majors ranging from law to quantitative social sciences, EISPS has been at the forefront of interdisciplinary at UCL. EISPS, too, is an internationally diverse space, with members hailing from 51 countries worldwide. 

Who We Are

The EISPS Society was formed the way all great start-ups are: from an idea. As the world grows increasingly complex, academic societies at UCL have nevertheless become pigeon-holed in their academic disciplines, specializing only in economics, law, history, international relations, or in specific regions of the world. This Society was thus born of the conviction that the community of fellows at the department of European and International Social and Political Studies, who traverse all the disciplines above and thrive in a globalized environment, present a wealth of untapped potential.

Our Society’s mission is to encourage a greater flexibility of thought and learning, and to support those who are already embarking on interdisciplinary paths to make change in an increasingly uncertain world. Our role is to connect these young change-makers with organisations, institutions, and scholars, enabling them to grow and contribute meaningfully to society at large. 

Why should you join us? 

This year the EISPS Society is aiming big -  a whole new roster of soirées, events, offices visits and balls are being planned out for the upcoming terms. Whether you're looking to connect and find people with similar interests to yours, a networking enthusiast, an activist, someone looking to kickstart a grandiose career, an intense academic or a polyglot looking for practice, our society will be the place to be. 


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