Welcome to the UCL Eurasian Business Society!

Who we are?

Eurasian Business Society is an open and diverse community of people who share a common interest in international business, politics, and culture. Maintaining a balance between academics and entertainment, our goal is to provide more career and networking opportunities for all members of our society and beyond!


Our core values:


Curiosity is always wondering “why?”. Today we invite you to embark on the exciting journey of curiosity with us, where we deepen our knowledge of the world and promote personal growth and development.

Cultural diversity

Our society aims to promote opportunities for better mutual understanding of various cultures, beliefs and traditions. Here we cherish our similarities and celebrate our differences.


To make the world a better place, we are eager to help and support people around us. We show acts of kindness in personal and professional relationships along the way to creating a safe space for our members.


What do we do?

Together, we grow our knowledge of international business, politics, and culture by hosting educational talks, lectures, and discussion panels with renowned speakers and guests

We organise industry-wide career fairs and networking sessions, providing talented students with a variety of opportunities to forge their unique career paths.

By bringing like-minded people together under one roof, we also organise themed socials, celebrate national holidays and run group wellbeing activities.


For whom?

We welcome everyone interested in business, political, and economic matters in the modern world.

Follow us on Instagram (@uclebs) for important updates about upcoming events and do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions!


Our committee team includes:

President: Arsenii Shilkin

Vice President: Kim Kalabin

Head of Events: Mariia Karpova

Head of Marketing: Maria Grabar

Head of Speaker Relations: Mikhail Putintsev

Treasurer: Ekaterina Fomenkova

Welfare Officer: Kirill Bedenkov


    Zhanna Nemtsova at UCL