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Welcome to UCL's newest society! 

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. The purpose of the ESG society is trifold. On the outset, we aim to spread awareness of the variety of concepts that encapsulate ESG and their applications across different industries and geographies. The aim is to stimulate discussion around a topic that is of central importance to policy makers, investors and wider society.

Here's how we hope to achieve our goals:

ESG Journal/ Articles:

Since one of the core purposes of the society is to facilitate greater discussion around ESG, we want to enable discussion through the creation of thought pieces by the wider UCL student community. We want to establish a website that showcases research articles and an ESG journal related to ESG topics across different industries.

Career Opportunities:

We wish to use the society as a platform to introduce students to careers linked within sustainability. This can be across sectors such as construction, technology (think ethical hacking), consulting, finance and government/regulatory. Events can be organised to help provide students with CV advice, case study/interview practice, mentorship or for any additional guidance.

Speaker Events:

Our aim is to also run a masterclass talk series where we focus on particular topics that can be helpful in applying for ESG related roles. The ESG conference will include several speakers to discuss the challenges across the financial services industry as it pertains to ESG.