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At EIA UCL we welcome fellow engineers and non-engineers to join us on our mission of making the world a slightly better place! We work with Engineers in Action and their bridge program to design and build a bridge for a remote community in a developing country. Alongside we will organize many other events to spread awareness, socialize and fundraise.


Who are we?

We are students across various programs united by our goal of helping others. The founders of the society, engineers with experience in humanitarian work, wanted to bring this noble cause to UCL so that more students can access such opportunities.

Our mission and vision:

Our mission is to support the development of underserved communities and empower students to lead global change. We envision a world where everyone can live healthy and dignified lives with access to essential services. With the efforts of UCL students, we can take a step in the right direction.

What will we do?

Our main activity will be taking part in the EIA bridge project, where we design, fundraise for, and build a real footbridge. Alongside this, we will organize engineering workshops, international development talks, fundraising events, social events and more. There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved, help fundraising, volunteer, design, organize etc. Members will join a network of positive, driven people who want to help each other and the world.

Who should join?

Engineering students – help us design the bridge!

Business/Finance students – help us raise funds!

International Relations students – help us organize talks and spread awareness!

… you get the point, we need everyone!

Membership types:

Taster - free and gives you access to our welcome event and mailing list

Standard - £5 contribution to our bridge project fundraising; access to mailing list, events, volunteering opportunities and more

Team - £10 contribution to our bridge project fundraising showing your commitment; only for members of the bridge project team (speak with committee before purchasing)


More about the bridge project: teams of university students work on the design of a footbridge for a remote community in a developing country throughout the academic year. These bridges are essential in connecting people to resources and services. In 2023, prior to joining the SU, we helped build a bridge in Mandlakhe, Eswatini (see video below).

This year's Bridge Program Project:

This year, Engineers In Action UCL is collaborating with Oregon State University and Western Ontario University in a Bridge Program Project based in the kingdom of Eswatini. We will be designing and building a pedestrian bridge over the Phongolwane River, located in the province of Shilweni. We are passionate about this project as it creates opportunities for so many people. In Eswatini a community will access resources and have opportunity for growth, in London our students learn about international development, construction and project management!

We need your support to make this beautiful project happen! Please consider donating through our JustGiving page:

Engineers in Action UCL is fundraising for University College London Students Union (justgiving.com)

Every little counts! Our current crowdfunding goal is £3000 by the end of 2023, so join us to reach it!