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The elections for Term 3 are coming up! And we have vacancies in our future committee to fill up. 

For more information about the roles, please contact Kunjam, our 2023/24 president at the following email address to [email protected]. No prior experience needed!


Welcome to the UCL Energy Society! 

Besides generating discussion on social media platforms, our initiatives include organising regular talks from industry professionals and academics working in relevant fields. We aim to cultivate a multidisciplinary spirit and explore not only the technical side of energy production (renewables, nuclear, hydrogen, natural gas and coal etc.), or the management of financial commodities markets, but also explore tomorrow's technologies, legislation and politics around the energy transition or its interconnectedness with war and politics throughout the globe.

We operate exclusively through a climate-conscious lens.


While our primary goal is to educate our members on the paramount importance of energy in our industrialised societies, its role, the consequences of its production, and its future, we also give students the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry and encourage them to share their own opinions and spread their own beliefs. 

Amongst our projects, you will find our annual conference, the G3 Summit, organised in collaboration with the LSE, Imperial College and Cambridge University Energy Societies, as well as the London Energy Journal or the Energy Idea Challenge

On a more day-to-day basis, we organise regular conferences with experts in their fields, have an active Instagram page on which we try to generate discourse and gather ressources. We also post about our events, our partner events and job opportunities on our Linkedin page, ​and have a Whatsapp group chat. We aim to organise socials throughout the year during which we'll be able to debate ongoing events or personal views, as well as screenings of relevant media. 


This society is open to all students, whether undergraduate or post graduate, and whatever your background or your studies. We aim to talk about themes in a global way, understandable by all. Please do get in contact with us through our email if you are an alumni or a student of LSE or Imperial that would like to get involved with us.