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Our aim is to share the Emirati culture and connect students with organizations and startups in the UAE.

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The goal of our society is not to form an isolated Emirati bubble but instead to welcome everyone from different racial, cultural, and social backgrounds with open arms to join our society. We want to share the core values of kindness and openness to break stereotypes some students might have about Emiratis.  We want to teach you and your fellow classmates, more about the rich history, delicious food, and beautiful literature of the UAE.   

This can be done through several fun events like Machboos Mondays, historical films night, and comedian movie nights. We will also have scavenger hunts around campus to teach people about the culture. Last but not least, we will have some trips (also known as Kashtas). 

Our previous events included Woman's Empowerment Week, Mental Health Week, Ramadan Trivia, and much more!

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If you reached this part of the page, then there might be several thoughts that came to your mind. 

1) “What will I benefit from this?”

Did you know that being part of a society can improve your employability and help you get a job after graduation? You can say in your CV that you have “excellent communication skills,” but social engagements in a university society can prove that you do have these skills.

Leadership, entrepreneurialism, negotiation, teamwork, collaboration, persuasion are all very important and many students show them through extra-curricular activities.

Here is an article by The Guardian on How Your University Society Could Help You Get A Job.

2) “What is so special about this society? I can be part of any other society instead.”

This society focuses on developing teaming leading characteristics and exposes you to opportunities within the UAE.

3) “But… I don’t really have the time... Will it take so much of my time?”

Participating is optional. Feel free to join whenever you feel like it.

4) “But… I am not Emirati?”

You do not need to be! This is a space for people who are interested in learning and exploring the culture!

We are hoping that you join us and help us shape this society with your unique talents and ideas.