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⚡⚡We welcome anyone with an interest in, or curiosity about electronic music ⚡⚡

Whether just a passive listener, regular party-goer, or experienced DJ / producer / VJ / MC / sound or lighting technician... this society is for you.

We’ve been working hard to make EMS better than ever and this year is lining up to be a very special one. We’ve already got some huge things in the works including panels, talks, DJ and production workshops and, of course, many nights of Synergy. 

For those already into electronic music, we want to help you develop your knowledge, network, skills, and broaden your horizons with exposure to new music, styles, and industry professionals. 

For those who aren’t really into electronic music at the moment, we want to show you what it is which we are so passionate about! Freshers, we know how overwhelming it can be coming to London and being offered so many different sorts of nights out and music experiences - come join us for an event or two in the next couple of months and we will try to breed your interest in one of the most diverse and interesting genres that music has to offer! 

If you are just curious about what the London music scene can offer you, let us help you scope it out! You don’t need to buy membership to come to our club takeover events or to come to events with us just socially - and we always welcome all!! 


Regularly Hosted Events

  • DJ tutorials
  • Production workshops
  • Club takeovers
  • Pres before big events e.g. Printworks 
  • Casual meetups
  • Much, much more!




2022 - 2023 Committee

President: Robin Stewart

Treasurer: Ella O'Brien

Heads of Events: Tatjana Mount

Head of Publicity: Arseniy Steshenko

Head of Design: Alice Desai

Head of DJs: Milo Houlden

Head of Production: Finn Mitchell

Welfare Officer: Tatjana Mount


We hope to be seeing you soon! <3 


UCLU Electronic Music Society have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.