UCL Effective Altruism is a student society that aims to help students at UCL make a positive difference in the world. We’re part of the Effective Altruism community – a research field that aims to find the best ways to improve the world, using evidence and careful reasoning. It’s also a movement of people who strive to take action on that basis, to make the biggest difference possible.


At UCL Effective Altruism, we try to apply evidence based principles to help interested students have a large positive social impact with their lives, whether that’s by pursuing a high impact career that tackles a pressing global problem, or through donating to effective charities. UCL Effective Altruism aims to provide you with the best opportunities to accelerate your social, academic, and professional development!


We host a wide variety of events to cater to your every interest. Our hackathons and concepts workshops allow our members to develop transferable skills and learn about how these can be applied in doing the most good, while our reputation attracts experts among the most knowledge in their field to give talks to our students on subjects like AI, biosecurity, global health, animal welfare, and much more! (You can keep up to date with what's on via our Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp Group Chat!)


We think the most important single factor determining the expected social impact of your work is probably the issue you choose to focus on and there are lots of things one could potentially focus on: climate change, improving institutions, technological development, global health, or something else. Choosing the right area to work on is really important, so we aim to help you learn more about this.


By joining our society, you will be automatically signed up to our newsletter in which we highlight impactful internship and career opportunities, reading suggestions to learn more about the world’s most pressing problems and how we can solve them, and breakdowns of concepts in thinking about how to ‘do good better’. We’ll also remind you of our upcoming events, socials, and fellowship opportunities (which you can read more about on our website!)


If making a difference is important to you, joining a community can be one of the best ways to increase your impact. First, it can enable you to make hundreds of connections in one go. Second, a group of people working together can achieve more than they could individually through coordination. Getting involved with the UCL Effective Altruism society is a great way to meet like-minded people and have fun.