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About the Duckrabbit Project

Is it a duck? Is it a rabbit? Like the famous optical illusion from which we take our name, the Duckrabbit society was created to explore questions that need to be seen from multiple disciplines' perspectives to be understood. Our goal is to encourage cross-disciplinary discourse, particularly between STEM and the humanities, by hosting events that bring disparate fields into discussion with each other over shared ideas. A word of fair warning though: If we’ve peaked your interest then hold onto your hat... you may already be tumbling down the duckrabbit hole...

Our Events

Symposiums are our flagship events. The format of these events follows two professors from different fields who each give a short presentation on a central question. After the presentations they come together in discussion to find common ground and exchange viewpoints. An example could see a philosopher and a physicist presenting and discussing their perspectives on the nature of spacetime, or perhaps a neuroscientist and linguist on "is language innate?" After the professors have had time to discuss the question together, the discussion is opened to the floor such that the whole event represents a gradually increasing scope of conversation. Be sure to follow @uclduckrabbitsociety on Instagram to keep up to date with our events!