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"Dementia designates a group of related symptoms associated with an ongoing decline in brain functioning including memory loss, confusion, mood changes and difficulty with day-to-day tasks. According to Alzheimer’s Society, around 850,000 people suffer from dementia in the UK, and the numbers are estimated to go up to 1 million in 2025 due to the ageing population."


Hi everyone, we are the UCL Dementia Research Society. Students from absolutely all backgrounds are welcome to engage in one common objective of raising social and scientific awareness about the latest issues concerning dementia.

We aim to deal with the academic aspect of the syndrome by making the scientific facts more easily accessible to students through seminars, lectures, journal clubs in the hope to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing dementia research at UCL. As for the socio-economic aspect of dementia, we will collaborate with relevant charities and institutions to engage as many students as possible in fundraising and volunteering projects in order to bring the difficulties in dementia care to the surface, from the financial burden it causes to affected families to the lack of efficient care systems for patients.

If you’re interested in becoming part of our projects do not hesitate to contact us directly!