Welcome to UCL Debating Society, UCL’s oldest and arguably most prestigious society, but one that is always open to everyone who wishes to attend. At the very heart of our society is the passion for debating, freedom of speech and critical thought. We welcome anyone and everyone to take part, regardless of whether you have had any previous experience or what academic discipline you do.

You’ll find that our committee and membership is very diverse in background and opinions but we all have a shared commitment to UCL Debating Society and are willing to try and accommodate anyone who wants to get involved. We run public debates on Monday nights on topical and controversial issues with a panel of guest speakers with expert knowledge on the motion.

Each Thursday we run debating workshops which are open to everyone and a great way to develop your debating, public speaking and analytical skills. Attending these also gives you the opportunity to represent UCL at competitions at other Universities. Our schools programme where we send teams of students into local schools to run workshops and organise competitions is a great way to share your passion for debating and meeting new people.

The remote membership provides unlimited access to our training sessions, public debates, and socials. The standard membership additionally allows members to participate in external competitions each week. External competitions are a great way to meet new people and compete at a national and international level.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



UCL Debating Society have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.



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