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The society aims to help all its members with any enquiries or problems they might have throughout the year, as well as, promoting the Cypriot and Hellenic culture through different social and volunteering events. We encourage students from all nationalities to join our society.

The main activities shall include:

  • Pre-departure meeting 
  • Orientation tour(within the first week)
  • Bar crawl
  • Greek Music Live
  • Sport Events (Contact us to join our team Greek Gods)
  • Events at clubs
  • Volunteering/fundraiser events
  • Exposure to the Cypriot and Greek Culture (Taverna nights-Tsiknopempti)
  • Online Events 

For further information contact our Society members:

President: Charalambos Toumazis

Treasurer: Christos Loizou

Vice-President: Stefanos Isodiou

Web Master: Maria Photiou

Welfare Officer: Christos Charalambous

Secretary: Ioanna Pierou

Events Organiser: Marios Papaleontiou

PR: Chris Georgakis

Sports Officer: Yiannis Kakouris

Greek Reps: Stephanos Lysandrou, Michail Athanasiadis