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Summary: What We Offer You with our entirely FREE membership: 

  1. Events with inspiring speakers from companies you want to work at 
  2. Weekly interactive Case Study Practice Sessions in 2 levels, beginner and advanced 
  3. Practical Consulting experience by working on client projects sourced by us  
  4. Monthly socials with a theme related to current headlines to keep up your commercial awareness
  5. Focused events on areas like Tech Consulting and Life Sciences 

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About Us

So what exactly is Consulting? Good question, a lot of us were asking the same thing when coming across this society. You get to provide advice to clients across a broad range of industries. 

Still vague, right? There are honestly infinite opportunities out there - from Management & Strategy Consulting to Tech or even Environmental Consulting. No matter what your subject background is, there will be a place that needs your skills in the Consulting industry.

Our Events 

We put on company presentations with external firms like Capgemini, BCG, and Deloitte, and keep you informed about any external webinars happening in this socially distanced term. We aim to invite speakers that are relatable and will inspire you with their careers. You will be able to engage with our speakers via Q&A sessions as well. 

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In addition, we have a Tech Division, rebranded ‘Consulting Society Spark’ for this year, that brings you all the relevant Tech Consulting events and related initiatives. We aim to reflect our members’ diverse interests and degrees in our events so keep an eye out for out for issues like Corporate Sustainability, Life Sciences Consulting and more subject specific events! 

Our Projects 

To give you practical experience, we’ve been sourcing projects ranging from start-ups to charities, and partnering with mentors from consultancies where you can apply to be a student consultant

So far in 2020/21 we have run 5 projects, with 4 more in term 2. Students will be mentored by consultants from BCG and EY.  In the past, our consultants have been mentored by firms like Deloitte and Simon Kucher & Partners. 

Our Socials 

This term is different for obvious reasons, so we’ve launched a new format combining socials with commercial awareness. We’ll give you a rough theme (e.g. the automotive industry) and you’ll be invited to discuss trends and players with fellow members in small groups (via Zoom breakout rooms). Of course, you’re more than encouraged to talk about other things and get to know each other; you don’t want to be missing out on this chance to embrace UCL’s diversity of thought and meet students from international backgrounds!  

To keep our members connected, we’ve launched a members’ group chat ( and a postgrad-only group chat ( Come along if you have any questions!  

Our Case Study & Skills Workshops

We aim to build your application and on the job skills by hosting CV, cover letter and interview prep workshops, as well as digital skills seminars with our external partners. As you’ll soon find out, solving cases will become very important on your path to a Consulting career, so we’ve launched regular case study workshops and as well as a forum group on Facebook where you can meet fellow members to practise with. 

Mental Case Questions & Infographics 

On our Instagram we give you weekly mental case questions with answers in our stories to get you practising for your interviews. A lot of people neglect this part! We've also launched #uclcs_infographics, which you can screenshot or save in order to have must-know information like UK population data for your market sizing interview questions. 

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