What is CSS?

A way to add style to your webpage, duh.

Just kidding! We’re a society created by and for students of Computer Science in UCL. 

Together, we aim to:

  • Foster a community within CS through various social events
  • Promote the academic and career growth of our members
  • Spearhead a more inclusive culture through EDI & Mental Health initiatives

Although we’re funded by the department, you don’t have to be a CS student to join! If you liked the CSS joke you just read, you’re already a perfect fit ?


What will you be a part of?

Just this year, we’ve: 

  • Roasted each others’ CV’s
  • Held two hackathons (one of which is about changing the world)
  • Had weekly Zoom calls with first year CS students to introduce them to UCL
  • Made a cozy Mental Health hangout that ended with McDonald’s
  • Heard from speakers about AI & Computer Vision
  • Had panels about internships & curated lists of CS job opportunities
  • Planned and hosted UCL's first 48-hour hackathon

What’s happening next?

In the future, we want to have some Movie Nights and Games Nights with tournaments. We want to lead more hackathons, create some awesome merch, and hold an CS Expo so you can show off your cool projects ?

What do I have to lose?

Nothing - It’s free! So come join us, grab a full membership and stay updated via our social media (https://linktr.ee/uclcss)


What do you call 8 Hobbits? A Hobbyte.



Talk by Simon Peyton James - The Creator of Haskell
26/02/2024 | 17:00 - 19:00