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Welcome to UCL Communication Society, UCL's public speaking society!

Founded at the beginning of 2019, our aim is to foster a community of individuals who are committed to improving their public speaking and communication skills together. 

Throughout the year, we will host a variety of events, including weekly public speaking workshops, seminars, guest speaker talks and social events. Our events are organised with the intent of providing students with a safe and conducive learning environment to practise their communication skills, regardless of their English proficiency. Along the way, we hope that students can use these events as platforms to share their unique perspectives and personal stories and as a result develop their own voice.

Communication abilities are crucial in everyday life as well as the professional world. As future opportunities become more and more competitive, it is vital for students to be able to not only effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas but also their value-add for the organisation.

Under-graduate, post-graduate, we welcome all to learn together with us! Regardless of your aspirations after graduation, having great public speaking skills will bring you closer to your goals and improve your interpersonal connections. See you at one of our events soon!


Public Speaking Workshop
07/12/2023 | 18:00 - 20:00