About Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy:

Chinese ink painting, a traditional art style, has been carried forward since the Tang Dynasty (AC 618-907), and it was in vogue during the period of Song (960-1279) and Yuan (AC 1271- 1368) dynasty. Here, the beauty of traditional Chinese culture can be experienced with aesthetic appreciation in this modern and multicultural metropolis. Please come and join us! Create your own masterpiece with the magic brush in your hand, find like-minded friends, explore and unveil the charm of traditional Chinese art! 

Our Aims:

Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy Society (CTPC) provides a platform for the study and communication of Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy, as well as organises and participates in cultural events in order to promote Chinese traditional culture overseas. The society events comprise of weekly workshops (including taught sessions and practicing) in both English and Chinese, fairs and activities related to Chinese culture and festivals, along with exhibitions of our members’ masterpieces. 

We warmly welcome members at all levels (beginners too!) and from all cultural backgrounds. Whether if you are enthusiastic about Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy, or want to experience an exceptional Chinese culture in your leisure time, CTPC can always meet your need!

Essential Information for 2022-2023:

We will try our best to provide in-person calligraphy workshop under COVID guidelines. During that time, we will be giving calligraphy tutorials, special Chinese cultural sessions, and you can also come to practice calligraphy. All in-person tutorials and talks will be recorded and uploaded to our Youtube/Bilibili channel.

Please purchase the £8 membership fee in order to attend our in-person activities.

Remote membership (no charge) will be sufficient to attend our online events or to view the recordings of our tutorials and talks.

Workshop content: 

Our main event type consist of calligraphy tutorials, practice workshops and Chinese cultural events.

Detailed information will be provided during in-person Welcome Fair (1st Oct), and will soon be updated online.

Details on our latest workshops and events will be posted on our Facebook, Instagram and WeChat.

Equipment Preparation:

For in-person activities, we will provide the essential equipment for calligraphy (i.e. brush, ink, paper). However, if you have your own equipment or calligraphy copybook/textbook (字帖), you could also bring them along to our sessions.

If you are unable to attend in-person events but still want to join us online, we strongly recommend you to prepare the essential equipments for calligraphy. The equipment that you will need are as follow: a Chinese calligraphy brush, Chinese calligraphy liquid ink (and a plate to fill the ink), Xuan paper/calligraphy practice paper with grids, (and to avoid your table getting dirty with ink, you may put newspaper or mat underneath the paper). 

Our recommended store (in London Chinatown) and Amazon links for buying the equipment will be soon updated on our Facebook, Instagram and WeChat.

Contact Us:

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!