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About Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy:

Chinese ink painting, a traditional art style, has been carried forward since the Tang Dynasty (AC 618-907), and it was in vogue during the period of Song (960-1279) and Yuan (AC 1271- 1368) dynasty. Here, the beauty of traditional Chinese culture can be experienced with aesthetic appreciation in this modern and multicultural metropolis. Please come and join us. Create your own masterpiece with the magic brush in your hand, exploring and unveiling the charm of traditional Chinese art.

Our Aims:

The original intention of the society is to provide a platform for the study and communication of Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy, as well as to organize and participate both school cultural events and socially orientated cultural activities, in order to promote Chinese traditional culture overseas. The society events comprise weekly workshops (including giving lessons and practicing), which are divided in English and Chinese two groups, fairs related to Chinese Traditional Festivals, along with exhibitions of our members’ “masterpieces”... Our society hopes that all events can be orientated to the society, not only for UCL students. (Since being impeded by the rules and regulations of UCLU and the conditions of the venue, it is difficult to guarantee that all the events can be fulfilled as our wish. But we will make every effort to satisfy everyone.) And we will notify that to which group the event is orientated during the promotion before each event.

Whether you are enthusiastic about Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy but struggling with looking for congenial peers, or just want to experience an exceptional Chinese culture in your leisure time, CTPC can always meet your every need.

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Date established: 
October 2018