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About Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy

What is Calligraphy? 

Calligraphy is an ancient form of writing in China, much like how Europeans historically used the quill pen.In China's history, people have been using the brush and ink for centuries. This practice persisted until the mid-20th century when modern writing tools became widespread. Over thousands of years, Chinese script has evolved into various writing styles, each with its unique beauty, transitioning from early structured forms to more loosely written styles.The primary styles include "Seal Script," "Clerical Script," "Regular Script," and "Running Script." 

The society events comprise of weekly workshops in English.

Our Aims:

Here, we invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Chinese calligraphy and painting, embracing both its traditional and modern aspects. Calligraphy and painting will be combined with meditation, enhancing your concentration, energy and mindfulness. We aim to create a warm, forward-thinking, loving, and tightly-connected community where you can experience personal growth, joy, and love. You'll find like-minded individuals here, supporting each other and spreading this love to others! We warmly welcome members at all levels (beginners too!) and from all cultural backgrounds. Whether if you are enthusiastic about Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy, or want to experience an exceptional Chinese culture in your leisure time, CTPC can always meet your need!

Details on our latest workshops and events will be posted on our Instagram, WeChat and Whatsapp.

Equipment Preparation:

We will provide all the essential equipment !  (i.e. brush, ink, paper). If you have your own equipment, you could also bring them along to our sessions.

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