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The UCLU Chilean Society aims to become the meeting place for all UCL members who are interested and/or connected to Chile’s culture, history or identity. This society provides an amazing opportunity to learn and share common experiences about Chile and to introduce the country to members with no knowledge of its delights and ways of living. Ultimately, the society is a platform for the transmission of Chilean traditions through open activities, social events and academic lectures and talks. As such, this society aims to attract Chilean students and also the entire UCL community to the exciting Chilean culture. The UCLU Chilean Society also provides an opportunity that today is inexistent in UCL: to bring together all of those students who are interested and connected to Chile. Currently, Chilean students represent the second largest Latin American group in UCL. Hence, there are amazing possibilities to bring the richness of Chilean culture into the diverse UCL community.

We are here to respond any questions you may have about our society or activities, even if you want to propose an activity, here we are. 
Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Date established: 
July 2012