The UCL Book Club is where those who love reading can gather and discuss books, short stories, poems and more. We pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive group that welcomes everyone who wishes to discuss their favourite reads or get recommendations from others. You don't have to know much about books to join us; just be ready contribute what you think and willing to listening to others. 

On a weekly basis, we will be holding informal and relaxed discussions about a broad theme or idea – our intention was not to restrict members to reading only specific books, but rather bring into the discussion any read that might at all be relevant. However, you might just find others with similar reading interests and organise your own book-specific discussions together!

Beyond the usual book club meetings, our social activities may include visiting pubs and museums, catching movie screenings of book adaptations and book swaps. We will be very open to our members' suggestions. The committee also keeps an eye out for any literary events going on in London. Whether reading and discussing books is something up your alley, or if you are only beginning to discover the wonderful world of reading, we are sure that the Book Club will have a place for you. 

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