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We are the first society in the UK to focus on Artificial Intelligence. We are strongly convinced that the role of AI is soon to revolutionize all aspects of our lives including business, economy and industry. Many people are not aware of the true potential of this technology. We are thrilled to announce that this year we are one of the first societies in Europe and North America to be officially partnered with Google.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our members to gain invaluable insights into the tech industry, network and access recruitment opportunities, as well as getting stuck into real life projects. 

Our goal is to raise public awareness on the matter and provide our members with all the knowledge and tools necessary to be able to avoid all risks and seize all opportunities of the near and long-term future. We aim to achieve this by organising interesting and exciting events for all members with any type of background. These will include:

  • Talks: we will periodically invite world-leading experts to deliver talks on the hottest topics of the moment. This will keep you updated on the latest trends of the field.
  • Machine Learning & Python Tutorials: These tutorials will be for absolute beginners. No coding literacy nor specific mathematical background is required. We will teach you how to create Intelligence and will make you implement some basic ML algorithms using Python.
  • The Journal Club: Some of our Masters and PhDs will run the Journal Club where members will periodically meet to discuss an article of interest.
  • Socials & Networking: Finally we also have socials where we meet for drinks and have the chance of meeting interesting and like-minded people!

Access all of these events by becoming a member and joining us on Facebook!