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UCL Art Business Society aims to demystify the enigmatic art world for those passionate about art and the business that it creates. We do this primarily by inviting industry leaders from the many segments of art business to discuss the nature of their work and the aspects of art they specialise in. We hold gallery and auction house tours with curators and auction coordinators. Our mentorship scheme provides our members a foothold in the industry and a place to start asking questions, and our socials are a time to get know other members more informally.

This society is open to those of all disciplines. Much of art business has overlap in areas like technology and politics, so if you are interested in art at all, Art Business Society is the perfect place to explore that interest. Our events provide plenty of opportunities to network as long as you take some initiative. Art Business Society helps its members to find the area of art business where you could fit, and equips them to start developing a career.

The Society is also a space for discussion of special interests and ideas within art business that inspire innovation and help us to confront the many problems facing the industry. We are in a position to make change!

We look forward to you joining our society!