Welcome to the Argentine Tango Society,

Since 2019, our society has been providing weekly Argentine Tango lessons to anyone willing to try. We believe that learning how to dance in general is a lifelong skill that will serve many purposes. Dancing teaches you how to be confident, social with strangers & comfortable in your own body. As you approach people to dance, you will not only impress others, but impress yourself of how much you are capable of.

How do we work: TERM 1 2021

(NOTE: This 1st Term is very experimental, and we may change the system in Term 2 if any inconvenience is found with the current system).

To join our lessons, and our society, a few steps are required.

Step 1: You will need to buy the 5GBP membership from our student union website. In all transparency, those funds allow us to organize events and make the society experience more enjoyable; as well as making sure our society has emergency funds (just in case).

Step 2: Every session is charged 4.5GBP, and must be paid in advance. Every penny goes into the teaching fee of our teacher.

Step 3: Show up with good shoes (that can slide on wood), and comfy clothing. Then, enjoy the dance!

We also host special events (sometimes) that we post on Facebook. Though those will mostly come from Term 2 onwards. Our Facebook page is linked on the right-hand side of your screen.

We also have a WhatsApp group, that we recommend any member of our society to join, as this is where we chill and talk news. You will note I did not mention how to join it, as you need to attend the sessions to join it (a reward fit for your effort).

If you want to Contact us, we are most responsive on Messenger and Email. Our Instagram is still out of service for the moment but will hopefully be recommissioned by Term 2.

Contact link:

Tango email : [email protected]

History (for nerds):

Tango was conceived in Argentina from the 1880’s to the 1900’s, in a mix of African, Native & European dances, that were danced by immigrants of the working-class suburbs of Buenos Aires & Montevideo. Born out of the harsh daily lives of workers, between factory lives, poverty, crime, or melancholy; people danced it in brothels and bars, to evade reality. At the turn of the century, the art popularized throughout society. Its reputation for being a sexual and inappropriate dance both fascinated and revolted, and the dance became a symbol of rebellion against the then-conservative norms.

From brothels, Tango soon became danced worldwide by the 1910’s in a craze. With the most famous brothels and cabarets of Paris, Berlin or London adopting the dance as one of their favorites. Between the scandalous sensuality of the dance, and the sexual character it exposed, it took until the 1980’s for certain of the most famous dance salons to allow its performance. Throughout history, many kinds of Tangos have been evolved. The most famous one, the one we are dancing now, is the original Argentine Tango (Tango Argentino). But if your curiosity drives you, other types include the Uruguayan tango, the Ballroom tango or even the Finnish tango.

(Find more info on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tango#Comparison_of_techniques )