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Our society has been bringing people together to share the passion, elegance, and joy of tango since 2019. All levels are welcome to our friendly community to discover how to give the warmest of hugs through tango! No partner or experience is required!

We believe that dancing tango is a lifelong skill that allows you to be confident in your own body and comfortable around new folks. Once you start dancing tango, you will see that more than just a dance, tango is a culture to be explored with its unique music, milongas (social tango parties), and a community from all around the world. Check the bottom of the page to learn more about tango and watch performance videos

Classes and Practicas:

We offer weekly open-level classes with experienced instructors who will inspire you. Besides classes, we occasionally organize ‘practica’ with the Imperial Tango Society to socialise and sharpen your tango skills. It is open to all levels for exploration and improvement in a relaxed environment (with refreshements).

  • Open-Level Classes (Monday 7 pm, Bloomsbury Theatre Rehearsal Room):  Argentine Tango is the most commonly danced tango style around the world. You will start dancing from the very first lessons while you master the fundamentals.
  • Improver Classes (Tuesday 7 pm, Bloomsbury Theatre Rehearsal Room )This class is for tangueros who have already completed the fundamentals training. You will feel more confident in your fundamental skills, learn improvers’ techniques and Argentine Tango sequences.

Follow us on Instagram (@tango_ucl) to stay updated on class and social details and exciting tango content. DM us if you have any questions.

Pricing: We offer both termly based and pay-as-you-go class tickets. The term tickets allow exclusive access to all tango classes for one term only for almost half the price. It can be purchased as a product on this site. Standard membership (£6) must be purchased first whether you choose to buy a term ticket or pay-as-you-go tickets.


Don’t miss out on Socials and Tango Trips! We organise casual socials and exciting events, collaborating with other UCL and non-UCL tango societies. Here are some of the most special events to look out for this year:


More About Tango:

Tango is a social partner dance, characterised by intricate footwork, musicality, and the connection between partners. It is popular for its passionate and dramatic movements. Tango can be danced between a man and woman, two women/men, or with a role reversal. It is traditionally danced to tango music, although any music with a rhythm conducive to the dance is suitable.

Tango started in the Rio de la Plata region of Argentina and Uruguay in the late 19th century. Initially danced in the lower-class districts by European immigrants and former African slaves, it was born out of the harsh daily lives of workers—between factory work, poverty, crime, or melancholy. People danced it in brothels and bars to escape reality. Although Tango is an Argentine dance (and music), it is a product of multiple cultures meeting. Its roots lie in African candombe, Cuban habanera, as well as Viennese waltzes and East European polkas. Its reputation as a sexual and provocative dance fascinated and revolted, and it became a symbol of rebellion against the conservative norms of the time. Throughout history, various forms of Tango have evolved. The most famous is the original Argentine Tango (Tango Argentino), danced by two people with equally important roles of leader and follower.

Watch some great Tango performances: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIMOMM-Ar8TtPKtZKPo4W-LhB06AQjfeF