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“Psychedelics might be for the mind what the microscope and the telescope are for the living world beneath our feet, and the stars above our heads.” 

    -     Stanislav Grof’s assertion here remains the kernel point of our society, namely that non-ordinary states of consciousness, and the tools to induce them, are indispensable rudiments for any complete cartography of mind. 

In the same way it is impossible to truly understand the nature of matter and energy by solely describing the behaviour of water at room temperature, we believe it is impossible to truly understand the nature of the human by describing its behaviour within a narrow range of conscious states. 

Welcome to the UCL Society for the Application of Psychedelics (SAP) 

Here at SAP we believe a fully-fledged transdisciplinary investigation of psychedelic drugs - that both deploys prevailing, and devises pioneering, methods of inquiry - is an urgent task for humanity.  
We welcome everyone, from the inconspicuous observer to the fervent orator, and run a range of events such as a regular journal club, discourse circles, guest lectures and panel discussions that aim to utilise every academic apparatus, from neuropsychopharmacology to antipositivist anthropology. 
If you would like to hear more about the interaction between psychedelics and biological, sociological or conjectural systems then follow our social media for updates. 
Feel free to message us any questions on facebook, especially in this unsettling time. 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @uclsap 
So come along, open your mind: you never know what you might find!