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Hi everyone! Welcome to UCL Anime Society!

Whether you are a hardcore anime fan or just a casual watcher, we are the HOME for anyone who enjoys the weeb culture. We help people share similar interests in anime, manga, light novels, games and so on during their time at UCL. At the same time, we would like to give a warm welcome to those who are completely new to the otaku culture and are interested in joining our community to explore this wonderful world!

We screen various anime from TV episodes, video-only releases, and movies every Tuesday - and an 'open Wednesday' where we have a free room to hang out, play board games, listen to music, or debate over your favourite series. Along with these weekly events, we also host intercollegiate events, quizzes, and workshops - so there's something for everyone!

UCL Anime Society have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.