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Join one of the most popular societies open to anyone interested in anatomy! 

Get membership now for exclusive access to a diverse range of events happening all year round such as:

  • Anatomy revision tutorials: indispensable resource for pre-clinical medical students or any students doing anatomy modules.
  • Radiological anatomy revision tutorials: an important resource for clinical medical students.
  • Neuroanatomy revision tutorials: for those struggling with learning neuroanatomy! 
  • Annual Anatomical Exhibition: Featuring over 30 student artists and anatomists from universities across London, this multimedia art exhibition was themed "Mirrored Anatomies" in 2020 and will tackle theme of "Surreal Bodies" in 2021. 
  • Socials and Welfare: A mixture of anatomy-themed Pictionary, yoga and colouring sessions for mindfulness! 
  • National Anatomy Conference for Undergraduates (NACU): our flagship national conference attracting students from all over the country for a day filled with workshops, talks and poster presentations.
  • Anatomy themed art workshops: open to beginners and accomplished artists! 
  • Specialist talks by experts in the field: from topics ranging from the LGBTQ+ experience, forensics and weightlifting is in store for this year.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to message the Facebook page inbox of Anatomy Society or email us after checking out our social media accounts.

Our new remote membership welcomes all to access our virtual talks, most of our workshops and our socials.

Join today - we would love to welcome new members! 

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