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Throughout the year Agtech society will be hosting both regular and one-off events, including the following:

1) Social networking events: These include attending conferences, picnics, quizzes, games, and getting to socialise with like-minded students. We can’t wait to meet you there!

2) Key speaker events : We will invite professors or business professionals working in the field, which will cover both scientific and entrepreneurial challenges in the industry. This could possibly include panel discussions 

3) Website/Blog creation: A main aim is for students to use their unlimited creativity and voice their opinions on a shared public website  (in the form of podcasts/videos/articles) which is accessible to all levels of study. This will also encourage collaboration in a space where students with different interests can learn from each other.  

4) Workshops: For students considering this as a career, we will host workshops to introduce case studies of prominent agri-business companies and various related roles (e.g consulting, research, supply chain, marketing etc), also offering useful internship/CV advice. 

5) Collaboration with other society’s : This can include joint students podcasts/articles and also speaker events, which can broaden the idea of Agtech and apply this to various fields. 

We can’t wait to meet you at our events and feel free to get in touch!

Best wishes,

Kimberly Tan, Agtech Society Founder & President 2023-24