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On Monday 2 March, we were devastated and outraged to hear that one of our students, Jonathan Mok, experienced a racist attack on Oxford Street (link to BBC News). We have also heard the news that he may need additional reconstructive surgery as a result of his injuries.

This attack was racist, we agree with and echo Jonathans’ own words “Racism is not stupidity- racism is hate”. 

We know that many Asian students have been reporting and experiencing some form of racism and discrimination as a result of the current climate. Circulating misinformation about the virus has created a toxic breeding ground for some of the grossest forms of racist abuse, scaremongering and discrimination. This behaviour is disgusting and unacceptable, coronavirus is not an excuse for racism. We stand by every student and staff member of our UCL community, and will not accept any form of hostility.

If you experience or witness any form of abusive, racist or inappropriate behaviours on or off-campus. You can report it to:

Report + Support

  • This is an online tool where you can report incidences of bullying and harassment. You can choose to make your report anonymously or request to contact an advisor for support.

UCL Hate crime and Reporting Centre

  • You can report a hate crime you witnessed or experienced anonymously

UCL Security if you’re on campus

The Police

  • If you are in immediate danger or the crime is ongoing call 999. If the crime is not an emergency, please call 101.

Warden or Student Residence Advisor

  • If you live in UCL-managed accommodation. 

If you are looking for support, advice or guidance on how to stay safe, you can contact:

UCL Student Support and Wellbeing

  • They provide a safe and confidential space for students to discuss any concerns you may have. You will find them on Floor 1 of the student centre every weekday. No prior appointment needed.

The Union Advice Service -

  • A team of trained advisors that offer free, confidential and independent advice

UCL’s Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Adviser 

Care First 

  • Care First is a free online or telephone service that provides students with independent counselling service in the evenings, weekends, bank holidays and UCL closure days 

UCL Student Psychological and Counselling Services (SPCS) or your local GP

  • SPCS or your local GP can help you access and find therapeutic support 

Welfare and International Officer, Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer or the International Students Officer

  • We as elected representatives are here for you on the 2nd floor of 25 Gordon Street if you need any help or want to get involved in campaigning 

As a community, we need to look after each other and stand together to fight this racism and xenophobia.

We also need to be equipped and empowered to respond appropriately. We want to remind you all of the 4D’s which will help you be an active bystander:

Direct intervention by approaching the target of abuse


Delegate the situation by finding an authority figure


Delay your response of support until the situation is safe


Distract harasser or the harassed 

We will do our best to bring students together at this time of high tensions, and we would like to organise a student forum with UCL to ensure open dialogue and clear communications between all students and staff.

Excluding people won’t cure the virus, bolstering our borders won’t cure the virus. Only collaboration and helping the most vulnerable will be effective.

Please be safe and stay in touch.