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Members of both RUMS Boat Club and UCL Boat Club have taken on an epic challenge; to compete in a 30-day ergathon to see which club can row the furthest in the month of April.

The clubs have so far raised £2165 for the NHS “Masks for NHS Heroes”. ­The money raised will help NHS staff work safely in hospitals by providing them with proper personal protective equipment- one rower from RUMSBC, Sam, comments: “With plenty of our friends being rushed out of university and into the wards, we thought that raising some money was the least we could do”.

With members of both RUMSBC and UCLBC working on the front line- the rowers are glad to see their efforts have led to so many donations.  “What originally stemmed as a way to satisfy our over-competitiveness between one another and to make the most of our time in quarantine, the Co-Row-Na ergathon suddenly exploded into something far bigger than we could have ever anticipated” – Luca, RUMSBC.

The whole rowing community has got behind the group’s efforts. “The support that we’ve received from others in the club has been phenomenal, with plenty of encouragement, advice and funding. A team spirit is such a huge part of rowing and it’s been wonderful to see that just get stronger during this crisis” – Sal, UCLBC.

You can follow their progress on Instagram to find out who wins at the end of the month!

You can support the rowers’ efforts and raise money for the NHS here:  Donate